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Company Introduction

YI CHANG Plastic Products(Shenzhen) Co: Ltd was established in 1997,location in shenzhen,China.
We focus on plastic or bakelite injection parts,injection mold development,metal stamping parts and OEM assembly.
Our companys main business for all type of household electrical appliances,kitchen accessories and all kind of plastic parts.
After 20 years,we have a fairly mature product development experience.
Welcome customers to grow and thrive together.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Guangdong ,ShenZhen 5,000,000-10,000,000 USD
6,000,000 USD Industry combined
- 1997
Yes 50-99
50% 11-20
Yes 5
Foreign Company 5
- 5,000-10,000 ㎡
Industry & Customer

High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume Plastics and Rubber
North America , Asia Pacific Bakerware lid , Home Appliances parts , Plastic mold development , Bakelite mold development , Cookware bakelite parts
Plastics and Rubber , Consumer Products
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