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About Haizol

Haizol is a global platform connecting international buyers with suppliers in Asia. A leading online sourcing platform for OEM, custom parts and components, helping companies in procurement and meeting output quotas.

We have customers in over 100 countries, increasing production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs. We have partnerships with hundreds of industry supply chain service providers, both upstream and downstream.

Customer Focused

Since using Haizol, we’ve seen a 145% increase in request for quotes – a huge increase in exposure and orders for us.

Haizol stand out when it comes to the networking of buyers and suppliers. They have given me the confidence to share my RFQ drawings within a secure marketplace, and optimised my buying power!

Connecting Sourcing Professionals & Manufacturers Worldwide
  • Get same day quotes for your RFQ’s – Save Time, Reduce Cost
  • In-house Engineering Team - On hand to check, assist, and verify RFQ’s
  • NDA – Guaranteed design protection
  • Matchmaking – Finding suppliers that closely match your requirement and business needs
Improve production efficiency and reduce parts cost
Join us, together with 700,000 factories, 280,000 buyers, and 50,000+ supply chain service providers to embrace the future of manufacturing through digitalization and innovation.
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