How it works
Supplier Services
  • RFQ Matching
    Receive quotes that match your manufacturing processes
  • Quote Online
    Review drawings and submit quote directly to buyer
  • Awarded Job
    Once awarded the job, confirm the order online
  • Order Monitoring
    Update manufacturing progress in real-time
  • Buyer Rating
    Receive online ratings to drive business growth
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    The Benefits of Haizol Membership
    • Priority RFQ Release Notification
      Priority RFQ Release Notification
      Get notified before other members when RFQ's are released
    • Track Buyers' RFQ data
      Track Buyers' RFQ data
      Real Time tracking of Buyer's RFQ process Allowing you to follow-up more effectively
    • Access Buyers' Contact Information
      Access Buyers' Contact Information
      Easier communication with buyers to establish a better relationship
    • Search Result Priority
      Search Result Priority
      More prominent position in search results Highlights your strengths Better & faster access to buyers
    • Quote Report Access
      Quote Report Access
      Can analyse quotes Can conduct strategic analysis of quotes
    • Online & Offline Matchmaking
      Online & Offline Matchmaking
      Instant contact with buyers
    • Tailored Marketing Strategy
      Tailored Marketing Strategy
      30,000 Buyers Worldwide, WeChat Advertising Official WeChat Group Promotion Strategy
    • 1 to 1 Customer Service
      1 to 1 Customer Service
      Live Customer Service Professional assistance in real timeOne