• About HAIZOL

    Focused on industrial parts and custom manufacturing, Haizol offers online quoting for CNC Machining, Injection Molding, Casting, Stamping, Fabrication & more. Time efficient, cost effective, on demand manufacturing delivering quality parts at speed.

    HAIZOL is China's leading professional online sourcing service platform for OEM, custom parts and components in Asia. At Haizol we have 2 channels to production, our Marketplace, where we connect buyers and sellers worldwide, and our One Stop Sourcing Solution, where Haizol manufacture and handle the order for you

    Haizol's marketplace has a huge database of suppliers with professional matchmaking. As a buyer, simply submit a request for quote onto our website, your RFQ is then precisely matched to factories that fit your requirements and matched according to their capabilities. Our accurate match making and easy search service brings you a huge database on OEM suppliers. The suppliers are categorized based on industry, technology, products and geographic location to help buyers identify suppliers quickly.

    Our One-stop sourcing & solutions platform offers buyers a complete service from start to finish. From your requirements, we locate the best suppliers, then take care of the whole process from the initial order, to quality and inspection, and shipment.

    Our instant quoting technology and extensive network of suppliers has revolutionized the custom manufacturing industry. You can get a quote for your parts in under a minute, giving you on demand access to high quality low cost manufacturing. Whether you are a start-up or a large company, you are able to simply upload your 2D or 3D drawings or picture, to receive a quote for manufacturing immediately.

    Our Difference

    Setting up a business account on Haizol.com is 100% free for all sourcing companies. Our online community connects manufacturers with thousands of reliable suppliers from across Asia. Having worked with sourcing companies such as General Electric, Schaeffler Group, Haier, Daewoo, Siemens, ABB, Heidelberg and Bosch, Haizol independently verifies all suppliers to ensure you get the best quality and fit.

    Our business-to-business model is structured to increase efficiency, eliminate delays typically experienced by our customers when sourcing. Our process is simple, streamlined, and time and cost effective. Our online marketplace is one of the largest and most reputable in the industry, giving outsourcing companies the most accessible gateway to the biggest suppliers in Asia.