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Company Introduction

Zhipu hardware products co., LTD. Is a private enterprise mainly engaged in precision automatic lathes, CNC CNC lathes and precision puncher processing. Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, the company is located in changan district of dongguan, which is known as "the world factory". It has passed the ISO 9001 certification, and its main products include non-standard turning parts, various DIN standard car parts (such as nuts, shafts, motor shafts, hexagon screws, rivets, washers, etc.) and various fine stamping parts. The products are applicable to optical instrument, medical instrument, communication industry, automobile industry and various electronic industries.The company adheres to the solid quality and down-to-earth craftsman concept. Always customer first, people-oriented, sincere and trustworthy as the consistent business objective. Zhipu will provide you with satisfactory service.
Company Basic Information

China ,Guangdong ,DongGuan 500,000-2,000,000 USD
3,000,000 USD Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer
1,500,000 USD 2015
Yes 100-200
10% 0-10
Yes 2
Private Owned 28
- 5,000-10,000 ㎡
Industry & Customer

- Electronics and Semiconductor
Central Asia 轴芯 轴套 电子烟配件 金属耳机外壳
Machinery and Tools , Electronics and Semiconductor , Electrical Equipment
List of Major Equipments

Name of Equipment Model Quantity Parameters Equipment type
二次元投影仪 200*200 1 0.001mm Testing equipment
千分尺/卡尺 0~150mm 50 0.01mm Testing equipment
CNC车床 15型/20型/36型 45 1-36mm Production equipment
精密自动车床 1525/2025型 60 1.5~20mm Production equipment
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