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  • Main Category: Machining
  • Second Category: Pump & Valve & Fittings
  • Third Category: Casting
  • Other Category (1): Assembly
Company Introduction

JMW, founded in August 2008, is located in Shihudang Industrial Zone, a place with elegant scenic and convenient transportation. We have a 3000㎡ workshop and a 500㎡ office area. With yearly output value reaches CNY 20 million, we are dedicated on manufacturing of mechanical parts, mainly on producing hydraulic valve parts and nonstandard parts. Our equipment includes advanced CNC machine, laser marking machine, high-pressure cleaning machine and also high precision CMM machine, hardness tester, rough meter, air gauge etc. Our total investment is up to CNY 10 million. We are now mainly work on design and manufacture of cast products, high precision CNC machinery and hydraulic work fixtures. The experienced technical team ensures us to be in the leading position in this industry. Based on the mutual benefit and double-win principle, we extend our business not only in China, but also worldwide, receiving wide acceptance and favorable comment. Following ISO9001 standard from the beginning of our business, we establish quality system, developed advanced production procedure, and operated management document in a general and normative way. This makes our product to have high quality and with stable status. We also introduced advanced designing concept and manufacturing technique from US and Europe to keep design and develop new production process and strengthen our testing method. With these techniques, we set up a professional team consisting of technicians, engineers and salesmen. We will promote TS16949 quality system to run with better technique and quality control. With better management style and reasonable price, we hope to have better cooperation with our customers in this competitive market and go further in the technical field. Our yearly sales growth rate keeps over 30% for many years and the competent and talented person take a high proportion in our team. We implemented 6S management system to ensure JWM to have a long term, continuous and high growth base. With strong financing support and technical ability, JWM has a leading RD and manufacture capability worldwide. We insist on “People oriented, faithful operation” to provide reliable and competent service to our customers to win mutual development.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Shanghai ,ShangHai $ 7,500,001 - 12,000,000
松江区石湖荡镇唐明路108弄3号楼 $ 0 - 750,000
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer -
Private Owned -
2008 1,000-3,000 ㎡
51-100 Yes
1-10 0%
1-10 http://www.jwmsh.com
Industry & Customer

High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume China , North America , Europe , Japan & Korea , South East Asia
Agriculture and Forestry , Medical , Engineering and Design , Automotive , Telecommunications , Hydraulic
List of Production Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Processing dimension / tonnage Machining precision Used per Year
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 4 -- MCVL900 加工尺寸范围Four axis;900×550 加工精度0.005mm --
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 5 -- MCV850 加工尺寸范围850×500 加工精度0.005mm --
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 1 -- MCV1170 加工尺寸范围1170×610 加工精度0.005mm --
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 1 -- MCV1270 加工尺寸范围Four axis;1270×700 加工精度0.005mm --
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 1 -- VMC850 加工尺寸范围850×500 加工精度0.005mm --
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 3 -- MB-CE 加工尺寸范围Four axis;1170×610 加工精度0.005mm --
CNC数控加工设备 CNC Machining Equipment 1 -- TC-S2DNz 加工尺寸范围Four axis;700*400 加工精度0.003mm --
数控铣床 CNC Milling Machine 1 -- JHT 加工尺寸范围Double Milling Machine -- --
数控铣床 CNC Milling Machine 2 -- JHT160 -- -- --
数控铣床 CNC Milling Machine 1 -- MX4HG 加工尺寸范围Turret Milling Machine -- --
高精密磨床 High Precision Grinding Machine 2 -- M7130H -- 加工精度0.003mm --
高精密磨床 High Precision Grinding Machine 1 -- M7130/20K-HZ 加工尺寸范围Flat Grinder 加工精度0.002mm --
锯床 Sawing Machine 1 -- BG4236 -- -- --
数控车床 Digital Controlled Lathe 1 -- Mazak -- -- --
数控车床 Digital Controlled Lathe 1 -- C6140A -- -- --
数控车床 Digital Controlled Lathe 1 -- C616A-1 -- -- --
数控车床 Digital Controlled Lathe 1 -- B0205-Ⅲ -- 加工精度0.001mm --
List of QC Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Used per Year
三坐标测量仪 Trilinear Coordinates Measuring Instrument 1 -- GAGE 2000 --
三坐标测量仪 Trilinear Coordinates Measuring Instrument 1 -- 500×230mm --
粗糙度仪 Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument 1 -- SJ-210 --
硬度计 Sclerometer 1 -- HBE-3000 --
气动量仪 Air Gauge 1 -- AEC-300 --
投影仪 Projector 1 -- VMS-3020G --
显微镜 Microscope 1 -- -- --
电子天平 Electronic Scales 1 -- -- --
内窥镜 Endoscope 1 -- -- --
清洁度检测设备 Cleanliness Testing Equipment 1 -- -- --
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials
In-house Seconary Process Capability
Outsource Seconary Process Capability Electroplating

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2017-03-30 Attachment1    
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