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Company Introduction

Suzhou Zhongxin Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was founded in 2004.
With almost 10 years efforts, Zhongxin has been grown to be a competitive enterprise for sheet metal processing. So far, our company has 180 workers and with 16000 square meters construction base. Services offered as laser cutting, stamping, polishing, surface treatment, spray painting, bending, welding, etc. Materials used from 0.5mm to 20mm.

Main equipments as follow:
1.Three laser cutting machines from Switzerland Bystronic.

2.Two CNC Shearing Machines imported from Japan.

3.Three CNC punch press machines also imported from Japan.

4.One Plasma cutting machine.

5.Seven CNC bending machines. Three of them have models which are: HYB-250, PAS3512, and RG1030. The others separated by tones, one is 160 tones (4m), the other three are 100 tones.

6.More than 10 welding machines for kinds of welding techniques.

7.Salvagnini P4X,which can make Multilateral bending to form the product.

8.US Flow -Waterjet Cutting machine imported from USA.

The principle to run the company based on the market and international situations. With the ISO9001:2008 certificatation, a whole quality control system established for material purchasing, R&D, mould designing, manufacturing, delivery etc.

We aims at offering customers with best service and high quality products in less time. Cooperation from all over the world welcomed.

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Company Information

China ,Jiangsu ,SuZhou 15,000,000-40,000,000 USD
相城区渭塘镇爱格豪路160号 50,000,000 USD
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer 10,000,000 USD
2004 Yes
100-200 20%
0-10 Yes
8 Private Owned
10,000-30,000 ㎡

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2018-09-14 View
Industry & Customer

High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume Agriculture and Forestry
North America , Central & South America , Europe 卡尔迈耶
星光农机 德玛泰克
纺织机械、粮食设备、轨道交通设备、金属幕墙、农业机械、风力发电设备、物流设备、电箱电柜 , 德玛泰克物流系统、日本WEDS、安德里茨、浙江星光农机股份有限公司、恩思西
Agriculture and Forestry , Medical , Construction , Textiles , Fabricated Metals
List of Major Equipments

Name of Equipment Model Quantity Parameters Equipment type
瑞士百超数控激光切割机 Bysprint 3015/Bystar 4020/Bysspeed 3015 3 -- --
日本村田数控冲床 M2048/M2048LT/M2048LT 3 -- --
美国FLOW高压水切割 Mach3(IFB) 1 -- --
村田数控折弯机 HYB25025 1 -- --
AMADA数控折弯机 RG1030-3100 1 -- --
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