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Company Introduction

SUNTANC Precision Manufacturing Shenzhen Co., Ltd is Controlled by HYM INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED. Our company specializes in R&D precise products with CNC machining & Cold-heading process. As a professional manufacturer in the industry, our technicians have more than 30 years' experience already. Our main products are all kinds of CNC precise parts & connecting terminals, Threaded Inserts for Plastic, screws, self-clinching nuts, panel fastener, bolts, pins, rivets, shafts, hexagon standoffs & spacers, springs…... They are widely used in electronics, computers, automobiles, digital cameras, tools, machinery, medical instruments or sports equipment, and decorations. We can also manufacture on OEM basis. We can produce many specifications to meet customers' needs. Our processing range of products covers external diameter 0.5-52mm with tolerance to +/-0.005mm, length of 0.3-180mm with tolerance to +/-0.01mm, and CNC numerical control three claws to maximum 120mm, precise grinding tolerance to +/-0.001mm, and precise stamping tolerance to +/-0.005mm. Equipped with advanced machines from Japan and Taiwan area, we can assure to maitain high and stable quality to meet with our clients worldwise. Our main ficilities are: Precise CNC machine, automatic lathing machine (NOMUA from Japan), CNC numerical lathing machine (CHIAH CHYUO from Taiwan), precise miller, cornerless grinder, automatic tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, polisher, flat grinder, shape grinder, thread rolling machine, threading machine, and wire-cutting machine (SODICK from Japan). Our company always adheres to our business policy of "Mutual Benefits". In the past years, we have enjoyed sustained growth in the marketing around the world. Our customers are from US, Europe, India, Brazil, Dubai, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, HK and domestic china. Thanks to our good reputation, excellent service and reliable quality, our clients are throughout the world. Should you have any inquiry please feel free to contact us, you are always welcome. We will give you our earliest reply.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Guangdong ,ShenZhen $ 4,500,001 - 7,500,000
宝安区沙井镇万丰大朗山二路金山工业区 -
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer -
Private Owned -
2010 0-1,000 ㎡
1-50 Yes
- 0%
Industry & Customer

艾美特 -
安费诺 -
- -
- -
精密五金零件, 精密五金零件, 精密塑胶零件, 精密紧固件, 精密管接头
Agriculture and Forestry , Mining , Textiles
List of Production Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Processing dimension / tonnage Machining precision Used per Year
CNC加工中心 -- -- -- -- -- --
数控走芯机 -- -- -- -- -- --
数控车铣复合机 -- -- -- -- -- --
精雕机 -- -- -- -- -- --
喷砂机 -- -- -- -- -- --
抛光机 -- -- -- -- -- --
线切割机 -- -- -- -- -- --
激光切割机 -- -- -- -- -- --
内外圆磨床 -- -- -- -- -- --
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials
In-house Seconary Process Capability
Outsource Seconary Process Capability

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2020-04-01
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