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Yangzhou Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, the main production and operation of stainless steel fasteners and stainless steel parts, for all anti-corrosion occasions the connection and fastening facilities.
Widely used in electrified railways, urban rail transit, medical, medicine, high and low voltage transmission equipment, all fluid filtration occasions equipped with filtration machinery and equipment, almost involved in all aspects of people's lives, warmly welcome friends sincere cooperation, a total of the future. We have been involved in the development, production, supply and continuous improvement of product performance from the restoration of electrified railways in China, which is well coordinated with the requirements of the national electrified railway for seven times of high speed. In particular, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway test section, the test section of the supporting stainless steel fasteners are all completed by my company. "Four vertical four horizontal" high-speed railway network all lines have my company fastener in the role, and no accident occurred, to ensure the safe and smooth operation of high-speed railway.
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China ,Jiangsu ,YangZhou 5,000,000-10,000,000 USD
7,500,000 USD Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer
5,000,000 USD 2007
No 50-99
0% 0-10
No 7
Private Owned 11
勤哲 10,000-30,000 ㎡

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High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume Machinery and Tools
North America , Europe , Asia Pacific 高强度紧固件、预埋槽道、城铁接触轨、叠片式感应板
Machinery and Tools
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