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Company Introduction

Focus on a variety of engineering plastics parts of the precision processing, to provide customers from cost-effective to high-precision/super complex of a variety of engineering plastics processing, to provide customers with research/design/selection/experiment to mass production recommendations to help customers create excellence. Advantages: 1. Equipped with Ranishow online detection System 2. Five axis CNC 3. Constant temperature processing 4. For all kinds of materials tempering technology 5. Excellent deburring Process Company philosophy: Mission: To promote and enhance the engineering plastics industry processing and application level values: is
AIM: To be a respected corporate vision: The Art of Plastic machining through long-term continuous efforts to improve the industry's processing accuracy to a new level,
It is no longer a bottleneck for precision machining and modern manufacturing to make engineering plastics parts.
The processing of engineering plastics can be of precision/beauty,
Can not like the cold iron block in winter, can have the temperature/have moved,
Can tell oneself not impetuous,
Can verify that less is more than the truth,
Can bring the team's passion and spirit of struggle,
Let it have precision is easy machining and elegant, so we called it:
The Art of Plastic machining
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Company Basic Information

China ,Jiangsu ,SuZhou 500,000-2,000,000 USD
2,000,000 USD Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer
2,600,000 USD 2016
No 0-49
0% 0-10
Yes 1
Private Owned 2
- 1,000-3,000 ㎡
Industry & Customer

High Mix Low Volume Machinery and Tools
North America , Europe , Asia Pacific PEEK制品 , 工程塑料制品 , 工程塑料加工 , 五轴加工 , 五轴车铣加工
Machinery and Tools
List of Major Equipments

Name of Equipment Model Quantity Parameters Equipment type
cnc MAZAK 1 1400*1200*1325mm 0.005*0.005*0.005mm --
cnc 5轴 jingdiao 1 400*700*400mm 0.002*0.003*0.002mm --
cnc 3轴 jingdiao 1 400*400*350mm 0.005*0.005*0.005mm --
cnc 3轴 jingdiao 1 1200*800*420mm 0.009*0.005*0.005mm --
三坐标 HEXAGON 1 1200*1000*800mm 0.002*0.002*0.002mm --
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