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  • Main Category: Casting
  • Second Category: Machining
  • Third Category: Forging
Company Introduction

We are located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, which is famous for the second biggest container port in China. Our company has about 50 employees with an annually output of over 3,000 tons. Most of our products are exported to clients in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Japan and other countries and regions. We have 2 factories. One is a machining factory, producing CNC machining parts, turning parts, milling parts, precision parts and other related products. The other one is a precision casting factory producing Aluminium casting,brass casting,Zinc die casting,sand casting, steel casting,iron casting,investment casting,lost wax casting and other related products. Our materials include aluminium alloy, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, zinc alloy and other material. In order to offer our best services to our customers, we have set up the KLD Groups taking charge of marketing precision castings and machining parts for worldwide clients. We have advanced manufacturing equipment, like medium frequency, induction furnaces, coal furnaces, sand blaster machine, wax injection machine, machining center, CNC, auto lathes, drilling machine, grinding machine, polishing machine and normal lathes and test equipment like spectrum analysis instruments, metallurgical analysis instruments, tensile strength testers, hardness testers and impact test machines.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Zhejiang ,NingBo $ 4,500,001 - 7,500,000
$ 7,500,001 - 12,000,000
Industry combined 60%
Private Owned No
2010 1,000-3,000 ㎡
1-50 No
1-10 90%
1-10 -
Industry & Customer

- 30%
- 10%
- 10%
High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume North America , Europe , Japan & Korea , Middle East
non-ferrous metal casting, ferrous metal casting, CNC machining
Agriculture and Forestry , Engineering and Design , Automotive , Shipbuilding
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials Carbon steel, alloy steel, Aluminum Alloy, stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Iron, Cast Steel, Thermo Plastic, Bronze, White Copper, Magnesium Alloy, Zinc Alloy, Tool Steel, Other
In-house Secondary Process Capability Sandblasting, polishing, Polishing, Shot Blast, Drawing
Outsource Secondary Process Capability Electrophoresis, Dusting , Spray paint, Chemical plating, Electroplating, Anodizing, electrolysis, PVD, Etching, Laser carving, printing, Pad Printing, Black Oxide, Phosphorization, Passivation, Marking Machine, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Other
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