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Company Introduction

Suzhou Xin Xiang Electrical Equipment Co. Ltd is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise, is committed to become the R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of precision sheet metal; design, production, processing, metal stamping, machining parts, metal products, Jian Yigong fixture and a series of total solutions provider.
The swan is located in Suzhou Wuzhong Economic Development Zone No. 2650, building 8, building area of 3500 square meters standard factory. Has the world first-class metal production equipment, with annual sales of more than thirty million, Suzhou Xin Xiang electrical equipment limited company to modern scientific management system, advanced processing technology, first-class testing equipment and provide excellent products and perfect service for customers with customer service, process analysis and machining ability, improve the technical strength detection means
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Company Basic Information

China ,Jiangsu ,SuZhou 2,000,000-5,000,000 USD
20,000,000 USD Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer
3,000,000 USD 2004
Yes 50-99
- -
Yes 3
Private Owned 3
- 3,000-5,000 ㎡

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2018-09-15 View
ISO 9001 2018-09-15
ISO13485:2003(E) 2018-10-11
Industry & Customer

High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume Fabricated Metals
Europe , Asia Pacific 地铁检票轧机 , 麦当劳厨房设备 , 通讯柜 , 工业路交换机及路由器结构
Machinery and Tools , Utilities , Medical , Fabricated Metals , Food
List of Major Equipments

Name of Equipment Model Quantity Parameters Equipment type
镭射激光切割机 3015 1 3000W --
数控转塔冲床 村田2048 1 -- --
数控折弯机 AMADA HG系列 2 -- --
压铆机 HAEGER 2 -- --
焊机 松下 8 -- --
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