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  • Second Category: Fasteners & Hardware
Company Introduction

Our company is specialized in precision CNC machining, the company mainly to small and medium-sized standard and non-standard precision parts processing and aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper and other non-ferrous metals and non-metallic processing, the main products include: product tooling/fixture design, precision instrument accessories, auto parts, medical equipment, oil equipment accessories, and all kinds of machinery parts processing and manufacturing, etc. The company is equipped with: CNC lathes, milling compound, ordinary lathes, turret milling machine, and other production equipment.The company has always attached great importance to internal quality management, technical innovation and improvement of manufacturing level. It strictly follows the ISO9001 international quality management standard, reduces energy consumption and ensures quality to meet all kinds of reasonable requirements put forward by customers, which has been highly praised by customers.We strive to constantly explore, innovate and surpass on the existing basis. Our company's development philosophy: "integrity, quality, professionalism and efficiency" with scientific development concept, reasonable production management, perfect testing process, to ensure the precision and consistency of products, professional technology, excellent products, on time delivery, to ensure customer demand, looking forward to your sincere cooperation! Create value together!
Company Basic Information

China ,Shanghai ,ShangHai $ 0 - 750,000
松江区荣乐东路曹农路588号 -
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer -
- -
2014 0-1,000 ㎡
1-50 No
- 0%
Industry & Customer

- 50%
- 10%
- -
High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume China , Central & South America , Japan & Korea
Medical , Engineering and Design , Automotive , Textiles , Aerospace
List of Production Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Processing dimension / tonnage Machining precision Used per Year
宝鸡数控车 1 -- SK-40 X400*Z750 -- --
宝鸡数控车 5 -- CK6136 X360*Z500 -- --
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials Carbon steel, Aluminum Alloy, stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Iron, Cast Steel, Thermo Plastic, Bronze, Titanium Alloy, Thermoset Plastic, Carbon Composite
In-house Secondary Process Capability
Outsource Secondary Process Capability Electrophoresis, Dusting , Spray paint, Chemical plating, Electroplating, Sandblasting, polishing, Anodizing, electrolysis, Drawing, PVD, Etching, Laser carving, Polishing, printing

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2019-11-22
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