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Company Introduction

Founded in April 2005, our company now has a factory of 1500 square meters and a team of 28 people. Since its establishment, our factory has formed a certain scale in the mechanical processing industry by virtue of professional talents, advanced equipment and high-quality services. In hangzhou xiasha, binjiang and other areas won a lot of customer support and trust, and established a good faith cooperation with the customer friendly relations, has been the unanimous praise of all enterprise customers.At present, the main equipment of our factory is: < 1 > processing center 2; < 2 > CNC lathes 1; < 3 > precision lathes 2; < 4 > milling machines: 12 vertical milling machines; < 5 > high-precision plane grinding 2 sets; < 6 > wire cutting 5 sets; < 7 > polishing machine, chamfering machine, tapping machine, bench drill, typewriter, marking machine and other processing supporting equipment 2 sets each.Mainstream business and production capacity: high demand, high quality, high standard design, processing various parts, fixture, CNC lathes, milling machine batch production. In addition, there are some supporting foreign cooperative friendly cooperation factories, such as: molding aluminum, sheet metal processing, precision die-casting, casting; All kinds of heat treatment, surface treatment, low temperature magnesium alloy surface Yang (Yang surface hardness after HRC60 °), various kinds of imported heat resistance, corrosion resistant plate, etc. Our company has established a strict quality system and merchandiser system, which can control the qualified rate of products to more than 99% and provide good after-sales service, special car delivery and other supporting services. We always take the quality of seeking for perfection and the warm and thoughtful service as the aim, with the most sincere cooperation sincerity, warmly welcome you to our factory guidance, negotiation, cooperation and development. Thank you very much!
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Company Basic Information

China ,Zhejiang ,HangZhou 500,000-2,000,000 USD
1,500,000 USD Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer
700,000 USD 2013
No 0-49
0% 0-10
- -
Private Owned 2
- 1,000-3,000 ㎡
Industry & Customer

High Mix Low Volume Machinery and Tools
- -
Machinery and Tools , Medical , Automotive , Food , Beverage
List of Major Equipments

Name of Equipment Model Quantity Parameters Equipment type
华银硬度计 HR-150A 1 -- Testing equipment
CNC 友佳FVP1000,⑦锐达KMV-850 2 正负0.01 Production equipment
数控车床 明和6136CNC 1 正负0.02 Production equipment
普通车床 大连6140,广州6136 2 正负0.02 Production equipment
铣床 台湾旭正4号铣床 12 正负002 Production equipment
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