Hua tian cheng precision mould manufacturing (shenzhen) co. LTD
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  • Main Category: Machining
  • Second Category: Mold Making
  • Third Category: Stamping
Company Introduction

Watch precision stamping die precision hardware and plastic mold insert automation equipment parts processing, non-standard parts processing test fixture production tooling/fixture design and production of non-standard cutting tools precision hardware punch plastic mould standard parts
Company Basic Information

China ,Guangdong ,ShenZhen $ 750,001 - 1,500,000
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer -
Foreign Company -
2006 1,000-3,000 ㎡
1-50 No
- 0%
- -
Industry & Customer

- 70%
- 10%
- -
High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume China , Japan & Korea
Medical , Engineering and Design , Aerospace , Automation
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials Carbon steel, alloy steel, Aluminum Alloy, stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Iron, Thermo Plastic, Zinc Alloy, Tool Steel, Nickel Alloy, Tungsten Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Thermoset Plastic, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Composite
In-house Secondary Process Capability Electroplating, Sandblasting, polishing, Anodizing, electrolysis, Etching, Polishing
Outsource Secondary Process Capability Spray paint, Chemical plating, Electroplating, Sandblasting, polishing, Anodizing, electrolysis, Laser carving, Polishing, printing
  • Company Introduction
  • Company Basic Information
  • Industry & Customer
  • Materials & Secondary Process

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