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  • Main Category: Molding
  • Second Category: Mold Making
  • Third Category: Electrical Products
  • Other Category (1): Electronic Components & Devices
  • Other Category (2): Assembly
Company Introduction

Kunsan Aigesi plastic mould co.,ltd was established in 2017 and its predecessor was Shanghai weiyu plastic mould co., LTD., which was established in 2008, we are a professional enterprise dedicating to the design, manufacturing of plastic moulds, and processing of injection mould products.At the same time our company undertake the processing of jigs, fixtures, precision CNC machine parts, and other orders from clients. Since the establishment of the company, engaged in mold development scope involved: medical equipments, small appliances, stationery,cosmetics,stroller,motorcycles,electric cars,auto parts,power tools plastic parts,communications equipment,plastic peg and hanger,construction equipment and other products. Our company has brought in precision equipments VM1060CNC to support the precision processing of mould. With the advanced software, we achieved the realization of the best design,manufacturing,processing of moulds. And we have accumulated rich experience.Our company owns five precision computer controlled 60T to 250T injection molding machines and other advanced testing equipments. Except for the emphasis on the advanced manufacturing hardware, paid more attention to introducing high-tech telents. At present, we have a group of experienced, skilled technicians and highly educated high-quality professional designers. With the complete management system and operation regulations, we strictly control every section to make sure the quality of our products. Though our company doesn't have a long history, we have established long-term partnership with our clients because of our market-oriented strategy, scientific management, high-quality of the products and good reputation. We provide long-term OEM service. Our products have been exported to Japan, America, Europe and other countries. We treasure credibility and stick to the philosophy of people-oriented. We do our best to satisfy our clients and thus have won our clients' trust.We are the best partner, may our cooperation brings us a magnificent future.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Jiangsu ,KunShan $ 1,500,001 - 3,000,000
蓬朗镇A5路32号 $ 0 - 750,000
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer -
Private Owned -
2008 3,000-5,000 ㎡
51-100 Yes
1-10 70%
1-10 http://www.lgs0453.com
Industry & Customer

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High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume North America , Europe , China , Japan & Korea , South East Asia
Engineering and Design , Automotive , Electronics and Semiconductor
List of Production Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Processing dimension / tonnage Machining precision Used per Year
Electric Discharge Machining 2 -- HA-450 ZNC 700*400;precision 0.005/0.1 -- --
Drilling Machine 2 -- Z3040x10 φ40-1000mm -- --
Milling Machine 3 -- M6A/M6B 500*800;precision 0.02/0.01 -- --
Grinding Machine 2 -- HY-618 150*450;precision 0.005/0.02 -- --
CNC 1 -- H650L 500*800;precision 0.005/300 -- --
Pulverizer 1 -- PS120 -- -- --
Blender mixer 1 -- FL120 -- -- --
TIC-W 2 -- VMC-H360L 26℃/5℃ -- --
HY-SC (die heater) 2 -- FTM-9kw-G 26℃/300℃ -- --
L.K., injection machine 3 -- PT80 Clamping force 80T; Shot weight 140g -- --
L.K., injection machine 2 -- PT130 Clamping force 130T; Shot weight 280g -- --
L.K., injection machine 2 -- PT160 Clamping force 160T; Shot weight 380g -- --
L.K., injection machine 1 -- PT250 Clamping force 250T; Shot weight 500g -- --
L.K., injection machine 2 -- PT320 Clamping force 320T; Shot weight 1150g -- --
L.K., injection machine 1 -- PT480 Clamping force 480T; Shot weight 2294g -- --
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials
In-house Secondary Process Capability
Outsource Secondary Process Capability

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