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  • Main Category: Fabrication
  • Second Category: Stamping
  • Third Category: Assembly
  • Other Category (1): Finishing
Company Introduction

Elite Precision metals (Shanghai) co., LTD., a wholly owned company in Singapore founded in 2006, is located in the waigaoqiao free trade zone in Shanghai.The company covers an area of 4,000 square meters and has 100 employees, mainly engaged in the "one-stop" service of precision electronic and mechanical appearance parts, specific sheet metal parts processing, metal stamping die design, processing and hot pressing of dot glue, aluminum anodization, etc. The company mainly serves network equipment products, financial equipment, precision machinery and industrial products, medical equipment and precision electronic components.Our main customers are wincor, dell, viessmann, lutron and HP.At present, the company has soft tool and hard tool stamping production capacity, equipment of bending machine, nailing machine, imported laser cutting machine, Japan imported 2-foot-tall tower punch machine, spot welding, arc welding machine, welding, machining center, CNC grinding machine and automatic punching machine 12 units (60 tons to 250 tons) can be rushed, even burst, automatic feed punching, the most pressing board can be up to 4 mm thick.In addition to surface treatment, the company has automatic sandblasting machine, drawing machine, pad printing, screen printing, laser engraving, mechanical polishing and electric polishing equipment and an automatic anodizing line.In terms of quality, the company has passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 certification, and owns quality inspection equipment: coordinate measuring instrument, projector, height instrument, etc. imported from Japan, which can ensure the quality to the maximum extent to reach the standard.We are committed to becoming a world-class, one-stop, end-to-end solution provider offering contract design and manufacturing services for electronic and mechanical products and 'level 5' customized system services.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Shanghai ,ShangHai $ 3,000,001 - 4,500,000
$ 0 - 750,000
Industry combined -
Foreign Company No
2006 3,000-5,000 ㎡
51-100 Yes
1-10 70%
1-10 -
Industry & Customer

Apple -
Stanley Black & Decker USA -
Trimble USA -
High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume China , North America , Europe , Japan & Korea , South East Asia
Printronix ,RAFI,Kapsch,Wincor,SL POWER,Delphi,SIG COMBIBLOC,Tessy......
Engineering and Design , Automotive , Electronics and Semiconductor
List of Production Machine

Name of Equipment Number Brand Name Model Processing dimension / tonnage Machining precision Used per Year
Punching machine 2 -- G2-110 110T -- --
Punching machine 4 -- JH21-60 60T -- --
Punching machine 4 -- JH21-08 80T -- --
Punching machine 2 -- J25-160 160T -- --
Punching machine 2 -- J25-160 160T -- --
Bending machine 2 -- RG50 5KW -- --
Bending machine 1 -- RG80 5.5KW -- --
Laser machine 1 -- -- -- -- --
Turret machine 1 -- -- -- -- --
Cutting machine 1 -- -- -- -- --
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials Carbon steel, alloy steel, Aluminum Alloy, stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Iron, Bronze, White Copper, Magnesium Alloy, Tool Steel, Carbon Composite
In-house Secondary Process Capability Dusting , Sandblasting, polishing, Anodizing, electrolysis, Drawing, Laser carving, Polishing, printing, Electroplating, Electrophoresis
Outsource Secondary Process Capability Chemical plating, Etching

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2021-07-05
ISO 14001 2019-09-16
TS 16949 2021-04-28
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