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Company Introduction

Founded in 2004 Kunshan Feiya Precision moulding Co., Ltd. located in Kunshan city, two hours to Shanghai by Car. KS Feiya established itself as a respected leader in providing injection tooling solutions to its customers. In 2012, the company expanded, adding a second facility specialized in precision progressive stamping die, to support electronic and other high-technology clients in the development and supply of high precision stamping parts. Our products are widely used in the telecommunication, automotive, digital camera, and precision medical equipments. (The tolerance we can do within +/-0.001mm)
To meet the need of our company development ,also to serve ourcustomers better , In November 2008,we passed through ISO9001:2008 .In May 2016.we passed through TS16949.
The capabilities of the KS Feiya range from tool engineering to high and low volume production in precision stamping, precision molding, plastic decoration and various assembly techniques. We focus on providing our customers a one-stop solution. Our mission is to provide high quality products and services contributing to our customers better overall result.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Jiangsu ,SuZhou 5,000,000-10,000,000 USD
12,000,000 USD Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer
3,000,000 USD 2012
Yes 50-99
- 0-10
Yes 5
Private Owned 6
ERP 3,000-5,000 ㎡

Name Valid Date Attachment
ISO 9001 2019-03-08 View
TS 16949 2019-10-16 View
TS 16949 2019-10-16 View
Industry & Customer

Low Mix High Volume Machinery and Tools
Central & South America , Europe 冲压模具 , 塑胶模具 , 冲压制品 , 塑胶制品
Machinery and Tools , Automotive , Electronics and Semiconductor , Electrical Equipment , Fabricated Metals
List of Major Equipments

Name of Equipment Model Quantity Parameters Equipment type
精密高速冲床 台湾振力80吨 2 -- Testing equipment
精密二次元 V602 1 加工精度0.001mm Testing equipment
影像测绘仪 3020 2 加工精度0.001mm Testing equipment
精密硬度计 GALILEO 1 加工精度0.001mm Testing equipment
精密投影仪 尼康V-12BDC 2 加工精度0.001mm Testing equipment
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