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Casteks is founded by executives from multi-national / listed companies and industry experts in 2013. Our goad is to build “CASTEKS” brand and achieve the mission of “Advance Supply Chain by Casting”. Our strategy is to leverage the best practices from electronics and auto industry in process management and intelligent manufacturing, combined with advanced product devel-opment and technical capabilities, to supply high-mix low-volume high-demand cast products for customers worldwide.

The first 4000m2 pilot factory is located in Suzhou. It started the mass production from April 2015. The second 10000m2 factory is under planning and will put into use in 2019, featuring most ad-vanced design and thrived to be the benchmark of the industry. Casteks will continue to build more factories in coming 5-10 years. Currently, Casteks has customers of multinationals, industry leaders and listed companies from Auto, Elevator, Engineering Machinery, Rail, Petrol Valve and Pump, and Electric Power industries.

Casteks uses pre-coated sand process moulding line, featuring high size precision, good surface finish and compaction. It also features high level of standardisation in manufacturing process, strong development capabilities and process control capabilities.

There are currently 3 product categories:
1. High demand Ductile Iron Casting. e.g. QT700-2 elevator traction sheave, QT600-6 Rail brake bracket, QT600-3 Mixer reducer shell. Featuring high grade and high demand on performance and consistency of parts between various batches and various positions on same parts.
2. Complex Thin-walled Cavity Part. e.g. EGR Valve (Ductile Iron Casting), Housing Pump (Grey Iron). Featuring complex cavity, thin wall and no leakage.
3. Special Material Cast Iron. e.g. Heat-Resistant Ductile Iron (QTRSi4)Exhaust Gas Outlet Cap, featuring precise composition and complex process factor control.
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Company Basic Information

China ,Jiangsu ,SuZhou 2,000,000-5,000,000 USD
10,000,000 USD Industry combined
2,000,000 USD 2013
No 50-99
10% 0-10
Yes 3
Private Owned 3
NA 3,000-5,000 ㎡

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ISO 9001 2018-05-07 View
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High Mix Low Volume Construction
Europe 高牌号球铁电梯曳引轮,球铁无泄漏汽车尾气阀体,耐热球铁汽车排气端盖,灰铁加油泵
Machinery and Tools , Construction , Automotive , Electrical Equipment , Oil & Gas
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