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Shenzhen yuanhexin precision machinery co., LTD is a manufacturer specialized in manufacturing various kinds of precision hardware parts, specialized in the production of CNC processing of copper and aluminum materials, as well as parts such as CNC cars and precision grinding machines, as well as various kinds of automation equipment, electronic, communication and testing equipment.Company has a relatively complete equipment, our factory has always been to "meet customer demand" for the company goal, to "advanced technology, quality first" for the purpose of the company, the products are widely used in household appliances, electronics, computers, audio, electric toys, fitness equipment, and other industries, in the industry has the advantage of high quality and low price, high precision, fast delivery and high prestige service good word of mouth. Yuanhexin precision machinery can provide global customers with the following features:1. Orders of medium and small batches are acceptable.Fast delivery. Our company can deliver the goods to the customer within 10-20 days (the specific delivery date depends on the demand).3. High cost performance. At the same price level, our company can guarantee the best quality of our products.
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China ,Guangdong ,ShenZhen $ 750,001 - 1,500,000
Job Shop / Contract Manufacturer -
Private Owned -
2015 0-1,000 ㎡
1-50 No
- 0%
- -
Industry & Customer

- -
- -
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High Mix Low Volume , Low Mix High Volume China
Medical , Engineering and Design , Electronics and Semiconductor , Power Tools , Automation
Materials & Secondary Process

Manufacturing Materials Carbon steel, Aluminum Alloy, Brass, Copper, Iron, Zinc Alloy
In-house Secondary Process Capability Sandblasting
Outsource Secondary Process Capability Electroplating, Sandblasting, Anodizing
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